My Ubuntu Love !

When I was introduced to the computers, I was told that they are strictly for professional and education purposes and our lives will depend on them one day. Which meant, no playing around with them. So they should to be taken very seriously, after all they will be used to steer some really important things in your life (And today I know that PORN is one of those important things).

Like most of the people, my computer virginity was also lost to a Windows computer.

I started using them, though no one ever taught me a thing about them so I had to learn everything all by myself, but I loved computers (and I still do).

Back then, I used to wonder, how great would it be if these computers were designed in such a way that every person can modify and use them as per their needs and requirements. But I was told that we have to adapt ourselves to these machines and this is how the things will work. (At that time, I was totally unaware of the term OPEN SOURCE).

My question was; if this is something which is very important in our lives, shouldn't we have the right to chose what we want and how we want to spend our lives with it...?

But then again, I was told that we have to be practical in life and so have to give away our desires as the world (society) would not approve of your foolish choices or ideas. My another question (again) was, "What is wrong if I dont want to pursue the usual way, the rest of the world does?", and so they told me that the world doesnt work that way. So I accepted this as my fate and started getting myself used to Windows and what world wanted me to do with it.

But, one day, saw 'her'. She was not perfect, not the best, not the most praised or most acclaimed... but I was was instantly drawn to her. She was 'Ubuntu'!

I started pursuing her, knowing her, but I was afraid that its of no use as it has got many flaws and that I will restrict myself and would not be able to succeed if I will go with Ubuntu. So I listened to my skepticism and kept it to myself, but one day I found myself with her. And I was surprised to find that she was everything I wanted.

Though I was with Windows and it all was working 'fine', Ubuntu was never off my mind and nothing was the same. However, I kept my feelings to myself and stayed with Windows.

But one frustrated day, filled with anger, and helplessness, I decided to do something crazy. I dumped my Windows and decided to go to Ubuntu. It was really hard, but I did it anyways.

And then I ran straight to my Ubuntu to spend my whole life with her but I was told that this might not be easy as Ubuntu has some restrictions. 

But we decided to be there and today, we are really happy. Working things out together. Things seem so easy when Ubuntu is with me. We are not perfect and there are many things which we lack and cannot fulfil for each other, but this all is so perfect in itself, so beautiful!

So I am still with Ubuntu. We are happy we are in a totally different world and no one understands us. We are made fun of, laughed at, but it doesn't matter. Eventually, people started accepting us and now they don't say anything.

Me and Ubuntu are living happily together now. I am an Open Source Advocate now who makes sure that people KNOW that they have a choice and they dont have to go for the usual Windows if they dont want to. I am not saying that we will never have any issues with each other, but I want ubuntu so badly that I am willing to do anything.

This is just so perfect that it cant get any better than this.
You are my Ubuntu and I am keeping you forever!

(PS: In this note, 'Ubuntu' means both the real Ubuntu (the awesome Operating System) and my wife (then girlfriend) with whom I am in love with).