Keep Calm and Play On

I dont want to discourage anyone. I mean, I dont want to stop people from what they want to do with their lives or what they want to be. But somebody needs to say this.

Believe it or not, but I have a good taste in music.

This specific rant is about some kids, who are let loose to publicly rape all the songs that most of us loved. These kids kill the music, pleasure and melody in all those lovely songs, and nobody says or do anything. 

Anyone who is a regular at DT MEGAMALL, Gurgaon, would know that on the 3rd floor, they have their food court and DT Cinema. Now, on the same floor they have this stage where 2 young punks used to sing 90's english love songs on that stage. No one liked it, no one gave a shit, me included. But then, things change and suddenly there were 3 of them. DT Megamall was a frequent spot for me and my girlfriend to hang out. And so when we heard them for the first time, they were raping our all time fav song, 'Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar'. And it wasn't a sweet rendition where you would go "Awww !!", like looking at a bunch of puppies who suddenly start clinging onto your legs.
Dont know about you, but we were not feeling great.

We thought they would improve after sometime and so we let it go. But around a month passed, and they were still playing the vikings to the stage (the kind of vikings after they land into a city). Me and my girlfriend heard them murdering some more of our favourite songs. It was sacrilege. But I knew this day was coming.

Last night, we were there and we both were in a shock to see that they have recruited a girl. It was like a shitty rendition of 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa'. That girl choke-slammed 2 of our favourite songs right there --

   1.Jaiye Huzoor Aap Kahan Jayenge.
   2.Aajkal Paaon Zameen Per Nahi Padte Mere.

And MAN !! My girl was pissed at 'their' girl. I was laughing (in my heart) on her helplessness. But after that, one of those bastards started singing the rock version of 'Tum Mile', which is originally sung by 'Shafaqat Amanat Ali'. Maybe it was Karma for laughing at my girlfriend.

Now if you are one of those kids, and are reading this, I want to say something to you. I dont want to discourage you kids or to ask you to stop doing this... because definitely you are hip and cool in your group, but just because you can, doesnt mean you should. 

I mean me and my girlfriend stopped going there, and we left just because of those songs. My girlfriend started having migraines.

So while leaving, I tried to give those kids a stink eye. You know to remember me or something like that. But as I tried to do that, I saw the eyes of the singing girl and I saw something that I would never forget -- there was a childlike joy, a pride and a feeling of accomplishment. And when I looked carefully at the rest of them, I was surprised to find all of them beaming with the same joy, pride and accomplishment

These kids didnt care if a couple didnt like their music, or were leaving because of them, they were up there doing their thing, making themselves happy. It made me feel sad about my life at that time.

So if one of you nagging kids is still reading this article, YES! I dissed you, but I also ask you to keep doing it. Dont worry if people would not like your music and would not come to DT MEGAMALL's food court just because of you (dont worry, it wont happen, no one gives a shit about your music). Even if you will be playing to an empty food court, just play it for yourself, and not for anybody else.

So you guys keep playing, but PLEASE at least learnt to sing in the first place.

God bless you.