Ishq E Dilli: The show at the Old Fort

Ishq E Dilli is a light & sound show at the Old Fort. The show tells the history of the national capital mainly from the end of Prithviraj Chauhan's era.

Words cannot describe how much I love Delhi, and in order to understand my love for it you need to read (or know) 'Ithaka'; a poem by Constantine P. Cavafy (you can read the beautiful comic on the poem by Gavin Aung on this link).

My father was born in this city, and he spent his childhood here until he moved to a small town in Uttar Pradesh called Khurja. And as I was growing up, my father used to tell me stories about this city; the national capital. Hence, to me this city has been a dream since my childhood. I remember travelling to Delhi as a child and staring all around in constant awe of this city. 

Now I have been living here for almost 10 years, and to tell you honestly I am living one of my childhood dreams. As I said earlier, words cannot describe how much I love this city. But it turned out as I am not the only crazy lover this city has had. There have been several paramours in the history of this mistress of a city. You can read so many history books (like me) in order to find out about all of them, or if you are not into reading, do not worry, I have got you covered.

ISHQ E DILLI (इश्क़ ए दिल्ली -- Love for Delhi) is a magical Light and Sound show that retells the history of the national capital. The show takes place in the Old Fort premises every evening, except Fridays. There are two shows, first in Hindustani and then in English.

The show uses high end equipment for lights and sound, and is projected over the walls of the Old Fort. Written and directed by Himanshu Sabharwal, the show runs 50 minutes long and consists of two full length songs (just like Bollywood, pure entertainment).

The show begins from the time of Prithviraj Chauhan's death but also takes a flashback into the time of Ved Vyas' epic Mahabharata. From Khiljis to Mughals and British to Modern India, it covers almost every time period of the city, providing you with some really interesting anecdotes about the city and the kings who once ruled here.

I have been more than 10 times to this show, but I am still ready to go there any day. I never feel bored while watching this show and trust me, I am a really harsh critic when it comes to storytelling. 

So if you are free any evening (except Fridays), do watch this show and learn about this city and the rulers who fell in love with it. 

The show plays in an open space so do take the weather in consideration. If it rains, the administration refunds the ticket money. Also, the show's timing changes according to the seasons. 

Sept. to Oct.  7.00 – 8.00 PM (Hindi),  8.30 – 9.30 PM (English)
Nov. to Jan.   6.00 – 7.00 PM (Hindi),  7.30 – 8.30 PM  (English)
Feb. to April  7.00 – 8.00 PM (Hindi),  8.30 – 9.30 PM (English)
May to Aug.   7.30 – 8.30 PM (Hindi),  9.00 – 10.00 PM (English)

Entry fee is INR 100 for Adults, and INR 50 for Children below 14, Senior Citizens and Students. 
Remember, Fridays are off !

The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan (Blue Line), but there is ample parking space, do take your vehicle if you'd like to.